I am a designer completed my Master of Industrial Design degree at Pratt Institute in New York. I had experience working for design companies in both China and America and ready to face more challenges as an internationally trained designer.

I was born in beautiful countryside in China, I would say that the most precious thing I have is all my experiences of walking the steps from small towns to big cities, and now abroad. These experiences dissolve in my blood, filling my design and work at the appropriate time, and announcing to the world that this is who I am.

I’d like to design physical products that close to everyday life, which can be a chair that I sit on every day or a cup that I drink water every day because they are not just objects, they are life itself, deserves attention. I now think of design as adding color to life, I want my design can add a touch of surprise to a moment in  life, “it‘s much comfortable than I thought!”, “It’s crazy!”. So I will be a designer to design more products to enrich our lives. “I do not want the design for a few, any more than the love of life for a few.” I hope more people love life and understand design.

Apart from design, the last thing I want to give up is singing. I enjoy shouting in my throat and playing background music at work. I also fantasize about singing on the stage, dreaming for it to come true. 

I love my current life, look forward to a better life, dream of a perfect life, hold my hand, and strive to live a good life.

Sisi Hong

- A designer who is climbing

May 2020

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