What Does Swet Design Do

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

The purpose of Swet Design is to spread the designs from Chinese designers to the world.

We are often asked, what is Chinese design, and is there good design in China?

There is no doubt that China has design, and good design as well. For me, the question is more biased towards how I should be a good designer and what kind of design do I really want to convey to the world.

It usually takes several years for a designer to find out what kind of design he/she wants to dedicate to. Fortunately, I found the answer in the process of conducting my graduate project. - I gradually realized that design inspiration is actually an accumulation of the designer's life stories. The knowledge I learned, the places I traveled, the people I met, and the memories of the stories I experienced - all these pieces collide together, which can be adoted in my design. And I found that all of these are inseparable from the influence of Chinese culture. Too many parts of my growing-up experience are rooted in the blood of Chinese culture.

So I found what I wanted to do. That is to show the inspirations that are rich in Chinese culture and ethos to more people through my design.

2 years ago on the WANTED Design Show, I exhibited the "Lean Chair", a low chair that is even hard to be defined as a chair. But a stranger who looked at it told me, "It looks very oriental." That's exactly what I want to convey:

Those Eastern aesthetics have neither been explained nor well understood but can still be perceived by the world.

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