2019 - 2020

To solve the low utilization rate and functional chaos in the current Chinese living room space found during the interview with Chinese young professionals. I designed a group of new living room furniture for them inspired by an ancient Chinese living pattern.

It is a pattern centered by a piece of platform furniture called “Ta”, and severed with side furniture such as “an” and “Ji”. To design a group of new living room furniture, I hope to bring new possibilities to the living room space, re-introducing a new Chinese lifestyle to the public, and better adapted the lives of young people.

This living room concept aims to provide more possibilities for young professionals living room and encourage them to reflect their needs while considering the infill of the house.

 With the pattern centered with Ta, accessories could be used and added based on the needs. And in the future, more designs of Ta and accessories could be developed.

A variety of styles can be obtained by selecting the corresponding material collocation according to individual aesthetics and requirements.

The project includes 5 pieces of furniture design.